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If you are a alternative or integrative health practitioner reading this, you are likely quite concerned about the future of your clinical practice

And rightfully so

After speaking with dozens of my colleagues over the past few weeks, a few things have become crystal clear: 

  • Practitioners with brick and mortar businesses have seen clients dry up overnight. Reports estimate that practitioners have lost at least 50% of their clients and patients
  • Naturally, most practitioners are already facing significant loss of income; unsure if they’ll be able to keep the doors open as time progresses
  • 51% of businesses surveyed, have said they will have to file for bankruptcy if the lock-down carries on past 90 days
  • Your clients and patients are facing the same hardships as you, making alternative healthcare a “luxury” (albeit vital) service while leaving the future of your business uncertain

My intention with writing this today is to let you know that it is 100% possible not only to salvage your business – but to thrive!

Health has suddenly become a focal point for everyone as we navigate this pandemic, and your clients and patients need you now more than ever before

But there are 2 major obstacles they are facing:

  1. access 
  2. affordability 

The only way for you to cater to this is to get your practice online and reduce your overheads

And you need to do this NOW

Not only is it possible to salvage your business, it is possible to thrive!

Now, you’re probably thinking: 

“I don’t know anything about technology, how am I going to set up and run a virtual practice?”

“I am going to have to become a tech wizard if I want to run an online practice”

“I am going to lose patients and clients if I go online”

“I will just weather the storm and wait until things go back to normal”

Truthfully, one has to wonder if we will ever “return to normal”

The reality is that you must pivot and adapt; securing your practice while continuing to provide and serve your patients and clients

Before I tell you how you can do this, allow me to introduce myself and share my story briefly 

My name is Brett Hawes. I am a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, & Serial Entrepreneur

Over the last 16 years, my clinical practice has helped 100’s of people overcome serious health challenges

I have taught thousands of student practitioners as a lead faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition; and have mentored close to 300 clinicians in both health and the business of clinical practice

Some of the top health and wellness companies have hired me in the roles of adviser, consultant, product educator and product formulator

My podcast, Holistic Health Masterclass, is ranked in the top 200 alternative health podcasts in the world – and reaches 1000’s of listeners in 57 countries each week

In 2020 I was nominated as one of the “Top 100 Healthcare Leaders” by the IFAH

Brett Hawes, CFMP, CNP

Founder - Holistic health masterclass

Many of my colleagues have asked how this lock-down has affected my practice

Truthfully, my practice has not been affected much at all

Here’s why…

I switched my entire clinical practice online 4 1/2 years ago – and never looked back.  

I was working in a pretty swanky, multi-disciplinary clinic downtown – spacious office, complimentary infrared sauna, reception staff, dispensary – the lot

But, as time progressed, more and more of my patients wanted to see me online and avoid the arduous commute downtown.

Eventually it got to the point where I was seeing 75% of my client-base online…

…all while paying astronomical overheads, splitting my income with the clinic and forking over a portion of supplement sales

At first I was very nervous (for many of the same reasons you are right now)

“Would people still book in to see me if they can’t see me face to face?”

“What’s going to happen to my income?”

“How am I going to pull this all together and make it work?”

When I switched over, we did not have alot of the technology and software we have now. Or let’s just say, it definitely wasn’t as easy to set yourself up as it is nowadays

I should also point out that…

…I had ZERO tech background (in fact I still had a friend entering blog posts onto my website because I was that clueless!)

I had done EVERYTHING on paper – intake forms, records, lab reports, etc

This was a GIANT leap of faith for me…

…well outside of my comfort zone

I spent a lot of time trying to string together different pieces of software

I also wasted $1000’s on monthly subscriptions and programs. 

As time went by, I slowly figured things out and streamlined the way I worked – ultimately turning my virtual practice into a highly efficient, automated operation

At one point, I was managing 189 patients by myself, all virtually. No receptionist or personal assistant

…this includes doing lab work and processing supplement sales 

Two of the software companies I use feature my practice as a model and have endorsed the training I am about to share with you

Recently these same companies have hired me as a consultant to help them fine tune their platforms, make it more “real-world” for practitioners, and simplify the migration process from a brick and mortar practice to a virtual one

Simply put: the accelerator program I am about to share with you has been tried & tested over many years – not just by myself or the tech companies…

…but by practitioners just like you

What other practitioners are saying

This is the best investment I could've made for my practice! It gave me the tools and resources to build and optimize my practice the way I wanted to; but wasn't sure how to. I would highly recommend this program to any health practitioner
Breanne Gibson
This program fast-tracked my practice set up and optimization by providing current and relevant tools and information. The step-by-step system that Brett has created takes the complex and overwhelming task of setting up a practice into something actionable and doable. I have literally saved myself 2 years of work and $1000's. Great program! Highly recommended!
Brent Lockridge
Sports Nutritionist
There are loads of business programs out there that seem appealing, but Brett genuinely has integrity and wants to see practitioners like me succeed. Brett has enabled me, coached me and given me the tools to feel confident to get out there and change lives thorough my practice. This has made a profound difference in the way that I set up my practice and run my business
Sindi Hendler Kachuk
CNP, Clinical Nutritionist

Now, I want to be 100% honest with you.

The testimonials above are taken from my flagship, 12-week program. This is one of the most robust and in-depth programs out there and has helped over 100 practitioners set up and optimize their practice 

But, you don’t have 12 weeks (and neither do I!)

You need to get set up now

This is why I have stripped down my original program into an accelerated, 14-day program that is 100% focused on practicing online

In this program I will show you exactly how to set yourself up, from the ground up – with all systems synced

These tools work whether you are working by yourself as a solo practitioner or running a clinic with team of practitioners and staff

These systems work even if you don’t have a website

If you do have a website, I will show you how you can integrate everything in a matter of hours

Now, if you are thinking, “this sounds too good to be true” or “it can’t be that easy”, I want you to remember that I have invested 1000’s of hours of sweat equity figuring this out for myself

What I will teach you is the final version of many years of trial and error…

…this means no headaches and teething problems for you

It also means you can get set up the right way


Have this all set up in 2 weeks

Booking Software

Patients and clients can book in on their own, according to your calendar and schedule. We’ll show you how to set it up and integrated it with your website, social media and calendar

Zoom Integration

sync your zoom meetings with your booking software so that when a patient books in they are automatically added to your calendar; and a zoom meeting is automatically set up

Payment Gateways

Take payments at time of booking or after your sessions. Charge for services and physical products

Practice Management Software (EMR)

I’ll show you which platforms I use and how to get set up. Everything is HIPAA compliant and you will be able to work remotely on your own or with your team

Digital Templates and Forms

Choose what you want from this vast library of documentation. These can be used as handouts and patient resources. You can upload these into your EMR software too

Optimized Workflow

Efficiency is key when working online. I will walk you through the online patient on-boarding process, scheduling follow-ups and how to put everything together so you can hit the ground running


Remote Lab Testing

If you are running functional lab tests, I will show you the easiest way to do them while working virtually (including blood work)

Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Whether you are looking to integrate your online dispensary with your website or continue to work with your favourite companies - I will show you exactly how I process supplement sales

Now, there are a lot of free resources and information out there that can show you how to do all of this – without hands on guidance. I must warn you that this approach will take time; and that there is a steep learning curve (especially if you are not tech savvy)

There are other programs/services that will do all of this for you. These start at $6500, with most being around the $10000 mark

Sadly, most of the people selling these programs are internet marketers or online “business guru’s” who have never run a clinical practice…

…they will help you “get more leads and traffic”, “fill your practice”, etc. etc.

But driving clients and patients to a virtual clinic that is not properly set up and optimized is a disaster waiting to happen and will result in overwhelm – without fail

Regardless, if you have the means, you could spend the money and hire someone do it for you 

My 14-day “Practice Online Now” Accelerator Program is for those looking to invest a modest amount, receive step by step instruction and support, and transition to an online practice as quickly as possible

I want you to avoid wasting money on web designers who don’t understand virtual practices

I want you to avoid hiring fancy business coaches and internet guru’s who have never practiced 

I want you to avoid wasting precious time on a trial and error, DIY approach to setting up your virtual practice

Save time, save money and get help from a trusted practitioner who has been running a virtual practice for almost 5 years

Programs and services like these normally cost $1000’s and take months to implement


Only $997

Here's how the program works...

We will have live Zoom webinar trainings every few days throughout the 14 days. Most of these will be “look over my shoulder” type trainings where I share my screen and take you behind the scenes 

Software companies have also graciously offered to do guest presentations and trainings. These are part on-boarding, part Q&A sessions 

Additional real-time help is available in our private Facebook support group. This group will be open for 28 days total (14 days for the “Practice Online Now” Accelerator Program and another 14 for those who might have fallen behind)

All recordings, additional handouts and resources will be posted in the group as they become available. 

NOTE: the group will not be managed after the end of the 28 days. This is an Accelerator Program. The goal is to take ACTION and GET SET UP…

…time is of the essence 

and there is a good chance that this could be the first and only time I run this program 

Engage. Take Action. Launch your virtual practice in 14 days

Here's a quick recap of what you get...

Here's a quick recap of what you get...

Step-by-step instruction

Live training sessions that show exactly how to set up and integrate booking system, website, payment gateways and EMR's

Learn from the experts

In addition to being guided by someone who has worked virtually for almost 5 years, you will also learn directly from software companies and a medical lawyer who will help answer legal questions you might have

Group Support

Access training materials and recordings in our private support group - plus, get your specific questions answered. Also rub shoulders with your peers who are on the same journey

Templates, documents and workflow optimization

You'll learn best practices when it comes to streamlining your workflow whether you are solo or a team. I have also included numerous templates and documents if you need them

Our LIVE "Practice Online Now" Accelerator Program Starts Soon...



Only $997

I can’t wait to see you in the program! The time to invest in your future is NOW, and the smartest move you can make is to move your practice online – the right way. 

Brett Hawes, CFMP, CNP



Most frequent questions and answers

This program is for functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors offering functional medicine consults, health coaches and any other practitioner looking to run 1-on-1 or group clinic consultations

Yes. The software and tools you will learn will cost money to run. This ranges from $50/month to $300/month depending on how robust you need your set up to be


No. If you do, we will show you how to integrate things with your current website

We will have a guest lecture from a US-based lawyer. He will discuss the legal side of practicing virtually. Please note that we will NOT be giving legal advice, simply a better understanding of how best to approach online practice

Yes. There is a 7-day guarantee. If you join the program and decide after the first week that this is not for you, we will give you a full refund

Maybe, but probably not. In the next 2 months practitioners will either already be working online or they will likely be out of business. The time to join this program and get online is NOW. Not in 2 or 3 months time. It could be too late